ABATE of Lexington
A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments
Ride Free

(Down Riders Assistance Fund)

D.R.A.F. is for current A.B.A.T.E. of Lexington members who have had the misfortune of a motorcycle accident and need some monetary assistance for basic necessities.
ABATE DRAF RequirementsII-2009

The following is the list of requirements that need to be met to be considered for assistance from ABATE of Lexington DRAF Committee.  

  • Must be a paid in full member of ABATE of Lexington at the time of the accident.
  • Must not be cited for DUI (alcohol or drugs). Police report required.
  • Payouts are limited to funds availability, needs of applicant and are based on the discretion of the board.
  • NO CASH AWARDS. Payouts are to be used for household bills, medical bills, or grocery bills (no alcohol or tobacco purchases). Receipts or bills will be required to be paid.
  • May not be a self-inflicted accident
  • If there are 2 paid members that go down on one bike, each will be considered for separate pay out.
  • Applicants will be respectfully asked to “Pledge to Replenish” the funds accepted, back to the DRAF fund, if and when you are able to do so. This will allow funds to be there for other individuals.
  • Committee members will not search out applicants. Applicants must be brought to our attention for consideration.
  • All sources of income will be considered in the application process. 

This is an ever growing and evolving effort that the committee members are making to get this assistance fund going. As we progress, there is a possibility of requirement changes. Changes will be posted and will not to affect applicants already under consideration.


Respectfully submitted,
Your D.R.A.F. Committee Members

Kathy Foster,

Help Us Help You!

This is not an insurance policy & ABATE of Lexington shall be held harmless if no funds are available. Disbursement of funds shall be on first come first served basis.

Click here for ADOBE File: ---> DRAF RequirementsII-2009.pdf
ABATE DRAF Application-2009


Application for Assistance for DRAF (Down Riders Assistance Fund)

Name: ________________________________________________________________________



Are you employed & where____________________________________________

Is your spouse employed & where_______________________________________

Are you able to work _________________________________________________

List the age and name of dependants living with you: ________________________



List any sources of income: _____________________________________________


Date of accident: ______________________________________________________

Was your motorcycle involved____________________________________________

On a separate piece of paper give a description of the circumstances and list the type of assistance you are looking for. If it is to be a bill or bills to be paid, you must include a copy of the bill with account numbers. There are no cash awards. You must meet all qualifications as stated

Please return completed application to:

D.R.A.F care of
ABATE of Lexington
P.O. Box 85304
Lexington , SC 29073

Click here for ADOBE File: ---> DRAF Application-2009.pdf
Promissory Note-2009

Down Riders Assistance Fund
Pledge to Replenish

I, ______________________________ have received assistance from ABATE of Lexington Down Riders Assistance Fund. This fund has been established to assist paid in full members who go down on their bike. To help keep funds available for future needs, I will do my best to pay back the money that the committee has offered to me, when and if I am able to do so.

Name _________________________________________________________________

Amount of Assistance ____________________________________________________

Date __________________________________________________________________

Signature of Committee Member ___________________________________________

Signature of Recipient ____________________________________________________


Please return completed form to:

D.R.A.F care of
ABATE of Lexington
P.O. Box 85304
Lexington , SC 29073

Click here for ADOBE File: ---> Promissory Note-2009.pdf