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A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments
Ride Free

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(Missing In ABATE)

This is a reminder list for membership renewals that are past due.
If you know someone on this list please give them a friendly reminder,
and ask them to return to ABATE of Lexington.


Annual Membership fees are: $25.00 for single ($20.00-state, $5.00-local) $40.00 for couple ($30.00-state, $10.00-local)

**Please remember to designate the Lexington Chapter and include your $5.00 local dues fee if renewing or joining ABATE through the state office.

Please provide me with any additional information about the MIA list.
I apologize if you have been included on this list in error.


(Missing In ABATE)
First Name Last Name Renewal Date
Charles Alexander Jr. & Helen Neubert May
Glenn & Alison Crosby May
Todd Flythe May
Hugh Gunter May
Bill & Ann Marie Harbert Jr. May
Carl Holland May
Terry & Linda Langford May
Gene & Debbie Royer May
Chris / Elizabeth Stroud / Tyler May
Pete Thomas May
Next M I A's
(Time to Renew)
First Name Last Name Renewal Date


Jay Bishop Jr. June