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A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments
Ride Free

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(Missing In ABATE)

This is a reminder list for membership renewals that are past due.
If you know someone on this list please give them a friendly reminder,
and ask them to return to ABATE of Lexington.


Annual Membership fees are: $25.00 for single ($20.00-state, $5.00-local) $40.00 for couple ($30.00-state, $10.00-local)

**Please remember to designate the Lexington Chapter and include your $5.00 local dues fee if renewing or joining ABATE through the state office.

Please provide me with any additional information about the MIA list.
I apologize if you have been included on this list in error.


(Missing In ABATE)
First Name Last Name Renewal Date
Paul Apel October
Gilbert Aumon October
Kevin Austin October
Thomas Brantley October
David Daniels October
Matt & Martha Danielson October
Edward & Kay Irwin October
Terry & Linda Langford October
Tripp Mills October
John & Michelen Phillips October
Jim & Melodie Rayer October
Stephen Watson October
Marty & Robin Watts October
Woody & Nicole Whitlock October
Next M I A's
(Time to Renew)
First Name Last Name Renewal Date
Robert Beyersdorter


John Everitt November
Beth McWhorter November
Goodman November